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Xamarin App Development | Smartzweb


When most people are considering iOS or Android app development they think about  Objective C vs Swift and Java. However, there are more ways to build performant and user-friendly mobile apps. And Xamarin is one of them. Smartzweb specializes in creating cross platform apps in Xamarin significantly driving the cost down for the end user.

When to use Xamarin

  • Your app has a significant amount of on-device logic that is not, or cannot be, handled on a backend server. This way you can leverage all the shared code.
  • You have a team that is well-versed in developing and maintaining C# or .NET and have a long term vision for what you are building.
  • You want to support one or more devices (including windows), and have a moderate amount of shared on device logic.

Some example Xamarin Apps


One call Claims Apps – The One Call Claims App is a flood prelim claim management solution that enhances field adjuster productivity

One Call App – Itunes

One Call App – Google Plan

SSA mobile apps – Take control of your business with SSA, and easily manage it from lead to close.

SSA Mobile App – Itunes

SSA Mobile App – Google Play


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