508 compliance checker by Smartzweb with Developers API

508 compliance checker by Smartzweb with Developers API


This is the total hands off 508 compliance solution we audit your site, and as new errors appear we will fix them hands off from your team starting at $100 a month. We also offer a developers API for use in your application contact us for details.

WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 accessibility audit

A detailed audit gives your web team the foundation for an accessible, compliant website that meets the needs of WCAG2.0 and Section 508.

  • We conduct heuristic reviews to establish whether a website or app meets the requirements of a series of well-known usability principles, or heuristics.
  • We use a human walkthrough to establish how easy it is for new users to complete specific tasks. This is not really something you can automate.
  • We complete a series of tasks to collect usability performance metrics such as task completion time and error-rate.
  • We do a monthly scan of your site and will remediate (fix) any errors found once the site has been audited.

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