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Every day millions of websites are infected, hacked, or suffer technical failure. In most cases their owners don’t know anything is wrong. It may be days or even weeks before they notice something isn’t right.

Website Health Check is the ingenious new software that checks ALL your sites for a host of common and often devastating problems. Website Health Care constantly scans for infections, hacks, breaches, down time, and more.

Instead of waiting hours, days, or even weeks to get the bad news. We inform you immediately and send you a daily, or weekly PDF report on the status of your site.


  • Blacklist Check – We make sure your mail server is not on a blacklist, preventing important messages to customers and vendors from getting to them. Your server can land on a blacklist at any time, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. When that happens, you know fast.
  • Safe Browsing – It’s devastating when Google flags your site as hacked. Search listings come with a warning that turns prospects and customers away in droves. You get fast notice to fix the problem.
  • Status Code – Let’s you know when your site is down. No need to wait for customers to tell you. Get your site back up before anyone notices. No harm, no foul.
  •  SSL Certificate – Makes sure your secure certificate is up and alert. Notifies you of expiration 2 weeks before it happens. This ensures your customers won’t get a “not secure” warning when ordering.
  • Page Speed – Lets you know fast your site’s pages are loading. This is vital for those invested in SEO.
  • Malware Scan – Never has it been so important to constantly scan your site for viruses, trojans, malware, and other bad actors. Black Hats from around the world are targeting sites like yours for their next heist of customer information. Website Health Check scans daily for ultimate protection.


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